DALLJUB STEP CLUB was formed in 2012 by GOTO as a drummer/fx (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER), Bench as a bass player/singer (ex-DACOTA SPEAKER) and Yuta Hoshi as a fx/singer (WOZNIAK).
Their sound is made of the powerful bass sound and the flowing/free drumming and electronics with improvisation and experimentalism. They are making truly alternative music embracing various music genres such as Dubstep, Jungle, Juke/Footwork, Techno/House, and HipHop. Each member has different music background and their sound is mixed with natural human beat and solid machine beat. That makes their music super unique and breaks the musical boundary between club music and live-band music. Their music might remind you of 54-71 or ZAZEN BOYS that are the bands also seeking new rhythms.
In 2013 Shingen Mori (Alaska Jam) joined the band as a synthesizer player/singer. Adding Mori's pop and emotional synthesizer to their already fat and minimal funky sound, the band is entering new chapter. They are evolving themselves and no one can tell what's next. Even the members can not tell. You've gotta keep your eyes on them.

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