Dan Mitchel

Dan Mitchel is the dramatic artist in fantasy,
who seeks human ideal dandyism in real.

His songs sound so romantic influenced by 80s US or UK musics,
which have simple and strong messages with hidden second meanings

He has been talented at synchronization with any kinds of nice music since when he was born and awakened perfectly when he were in London

He has been creating and recording over 40 original songs including the main theme of a broadcasting channel in Tokyo while he has learned an acting method well-known as “Stanislavsky System” and then he experienced stage dramas as a main role and a short film produced in London

And then, he directed and performed his own Music video of "moonshine", "Destiny Girl" and "A Beautiful Mind"

In 2023, he planned and hosted the "Freestyle Session Party" event 29 times as its organizer and frontman. Within these events, he explored various new forms of art and entertainment, such as the fusion of pantomime and recitation, theatrical performances accompanied by improvised jazz music as background, and improvisational sessions featuring DJs and instrumentalists.

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