First influenced by pioneers of the Funk scene like James Brown, Earth Wind and Fire, Jamiroquaï, Tower of Power, Zapp to name a few, **Funkindustry** then drew inspirations from more recent artists such as Tuxedo, Bruno Mars or L'Impératrice, while discovering a real passion for Japanese City Pop.

From their 2021 album, 5 singles were digitally released in Japan through Friendship, including "Gimme All You Got" whose video features Japanese Lockin' dance crews, and "Suddenly" featuring Jua, rapper of Japanese, French and Cameroonian origins, which got into 7 Japanese playlists including Spotify Japan's Tokyo Rising and Apple music Japan's R&B New Releases.

In 2022, collaborations with Japanese artists continued with a "Remixed EP" by artists/beatmakers Orland and miida and The Department which came out in January 2022, followed by the single "Another One" which featured Hip Hop artist Wez Atlas, which received more than 100 000 plays on Spotify so far, from Japan and Asia mainly.

In 2023, Funkindustry released the EP "Midnight City Lovers" influenced by City Pop's sound which includes 5 duets with the following Japanese female singers: Asako Toki, Natsu Summer, chihiRo from JiLL Decoy Association, Eri Takenaka and Emi (Emiland/ex-Zukunashi). The EP cover features an illustration by Japanese artist, Hiroshi Nagai. In June, the band came to Japan for a 9 shows tour including dates in Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Okayama, Shimokitazawa, Shibuya,...
In conjunction with the tour, Kissing Fish records (sub label of Disk Union) released a special 7inch record including "I Want You Closer" with Toki Asako and "Loneliness" with Natsu Summer.

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